Coral reefs are located underwater in the ocean. It is a complex and diverse ecosystem consisting of many organisms and structures. The system mainly consists of coral; the coral secrete a substance called calcium carbonate which gives the coral reef its structure. The animals found in a coral reef are diverse and interesting.

Some of the best reefs are located in different parts of the world and the most scenic and biologically diverse reef is the Great Barrier Reef located in Australia.

The inconvenient truth

In recent times the sustenance of coral reefs has decreased rapidly and is less abundant in the world. Many human activities have either directly or indirectly caused the depletion of coral reefs. Due to the global warming phenomena that the earth is experiencing the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and ocean is increasing. The increase causes a reaction that does not produce the calcium carbonate and so coral reefs are not sustained well. Global warming is caused by an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is indirectly linked to human activities. Use of fossil fuels and machinery has led to the increase in carbon dioxide concentration.

Also the water and air pollution that are caused by human activities such as ship oil spills are causing many ill effects to many ocean ecosystems.

With the depletion of the coral reefs, the biodiversity in the system are also going extinction or becoming rare species.

What can be done?

The main aim of many marine biologists and conservationists is to conserve the existing coral reef and grow and cultivate new reefs which can take many years.

Activities such as deep sea reef fishing is still being conducted, however anglers are advised not to harm the reef system and the fish surrounding it. Link here a perfect charter fishing that can cover your needs.

Deep sea reef fishing in Sydney can yield fish species such as snapper, grouper, blackfish etc. Many conservation centers and projects have been initiated to conserve the species and coral reefs around the world. Companies and organizations have also contributed greatly to the efforts taken to reduce the damage caused to the reefs and also to conserve the natural reefs.

Tackling the problem of global warming is not an easy one as the extent of damage is apparent. However to prevent the destruction and loss of more valuable ecosystems it is important that people as well as governmental organizations use a set of rules and regulation to maintain carbon emissions.

If we want the future generations to understand the importance of maintaining our ecosystems we need to start educating and taking steps to conserve. With the development of technology and research, scientists and biologists are positive that we can conserve our coral reef ecosystems.