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Fishing Is A Cruel Sport, Even If The Life Of The Fish Is Spared

Fishing is rather an art that rewards you for your patience and foresight. It’s a very relaxing and stress releasing activity that takes you away from the rush of everyday life. It’s all fun and games and someone gets hurt, badly. Now you can argue that you release the fish that you catch but imagine that you’re at your home and you grab the soda in your fridge and start consuming it. As soon as you take a sip, the can hooks itself onto your throat firmly and punctures it as well, then you get pulled across the floor from the hook and you try to resist but the hook digs in deeper to your throat.

You would keep struggling despite the pain until you don’t have the strength to struggle. When that happens, you get pulled out of your house to be exposed to a harsh environment with no oxygen. A huge creature grabs you and inspects you like a trophy while you fight for every breath you take until you’re on the verge of dying. At that point you get thrown back to your house, traumatised and disoriented with a huge gaping wound in the middle of your neck.

Fishing is heartless as well as it harms the environment
The main victim of fishing itself is none other than the fish itself. Research has shown that 43% of the fish released after being caught end up dead within the next six days. If they don’t they live the rest of their life traumatised and seriously injured and will eventually end up on the end of a hook at some point of their life. The biggest problem of fishing is excessive fishing over some areas of the world, although salmon fishing in BC may not be excessive as of yet, see this perfect fishing trips.

If not kept in check, salmon fishing in BC could potentially be a very big blow on the salmon population, which would even affect the population of bears and other organisms that rely on salmon to relieve them of hunger. Fishing debris killed thousands of other organisms belonging to the marine ecosystem as well.

Do your part to stop this massacre for pure entertainment of individuals
If your land has access to a water body, post a sign declaring that no fishing is permitted in your area and you can join an anti-sport fishing organisation or even create one yourself. If possible, contact legislators on enforcing wildlife protection laws within your area.