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Choosing The Best Fishing Rods

You will want to buy the best fishing rod. There are hundreds and thousands of brands available in stores both at offline and online. Here we discuss about different kinds of fishing rods.

  • Spin rods: They are commonly used in freshwater areas and are made to suit eggbeater style reel as well as for casting and recovering lures and baits. Most general purpose rods are called spin rods. If you plan somewhat river fishing, pier fishing or light boat fishing, then spin rod is your best bet. They have a length of 1.6mm-2.4mm.
  • Surf rods: They seem to be longest rods for fishing and are quite heavy in weight and construction. They assist in casting bait and sinkers from the beach. You can catch large fish using these rods. They are made for eggbeater reels, sidecast reels and overhead/conventional reels. They have a length size of 3m-4.2m.
  • Game fishing rods: They are used for game fishing in deep saltwater. Designed to catch big pelagic fish and can hold fishing line of 10/15kg up to 37kg. They are thick and don’t bend easily. They feature gimbal fitting on the butt area so you can use them in a game fishing harness.
  • Fly rods: They are designed to catch freshwater fish such as halibut, trout or salmon. They have a length of 1.8m-3.6m and have thin whippy blank. They hold fly fishing reels.
  • Boat rods: These are a category of spin rods but shorter and heavier in length. They are designed for rigorous saltwater fishing and can hold line weight of 10/20kg.

Most fishing rods such as Emmrod travel rod is made of using materials like graphite or fiberglass. Fiberglass models are harder and bend more and available at cheap cost rates. Graphite rods offer better feel and improved technologies make them quite hard and resilient. They are expensive than fiberglass rods. Take a look at this site to know more regarding Emmrod travel rod.

Brand quality

There are a lot of brands that promote fishing rods such as Emmrod travel rod to choose from. Some brands are world renowned while others are local to a country or region. Today, many small brands are launching fishing rods because of the ability to easily import product from factories.

As per results, most rods in the world are made in Asia, especially in China. In fact, there are many choices to choose from fishing rod to casting rod to packrod and many more. Reputed companies and brands use large and sophisticated factories. Small brands use contract factories. Since there are lots of rod factories, the quality can be varied. Experts recommend customers to stick to renowned brands and retailers so that you can ascertain support, product knowledge and good value for the investment. If you want to have an idea what Emmrod casting rod is, go here.

Look at online sources such as web directories, forums and review sites to gather some solid information about reputed and reliable fishing rod brands and manufacturers. Most companies and brands have their own websites where everything about the company is explained in detail. You can find some testimonials and feedbacks by previous customers at these websites.

So, look at online sources and pick up the best fishing rod for an enthusiastic experience.