In today’s competitive world children are to follow a monotonous schedule and stick to a specific time table during the school season. For most parents, specially how who are working, it is actually a good idea. But when the vacation arrives and when kids are home it is hard to get them to stick to such a timetable. Now, it might sound hectic and crazy but giving your kids the chance to enjoy the vacation is absolutely crucial. Many parents fail to realize this due to their busy schedules. So, to help you with some ideas that will keep your kids both entertained and busy we have put together this article.

Board game fun

Rather than giving your kids the typical GameBoys, play-stations, Xboxes and other digital stations to ‘play games’ it is better to divert them towards board games. Social interaction is something that many children lack in the modern society. This can bring out severe consequences once they start to grow. So, take this vacation as the opportunity. Give them the proper form of fun they deserve. They will end up making memories that will last forever. You can invite a few other classmates or friends and get a nanny or an adult to supervise them while you are off at work. That way it will be a win win situation. However, do make sure all forms of digital gadgets and devices are not accessible.


Kids enjoy water. This is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday during the hot weather vacations like summer. Taking them to a water park or just a simple pool where they can swim and go diving classes will do. You can even take them to the beach and let the enjoy the gorgeous waves. It is important to make sure your kids are connected with mother nature. So, let them see the beauties of nature and give them the chance to enjoy it.


There are plenty of programs for kids that are specifically focused on holidays. These will be a great opportunity to let them learn and develop their skills. The school itself might have build such programmes. This might include diving lessons for school groups, swimming lessons, extra reading, writing and spoken classes and so. Enrolling your child/children in such programs might not be a bad idea.