If you want to go on mountain climbing, it is important that you get to choose your destination because each mountain is unique and has its own set of trails that is either meant for beginners or advanced climbers.

-Seek for the opinion of experienced mountain climbers if you need recommendations regarding a venue. Several factors needs to be considered such as difficulty of the hiking trail, sources of potable water (if there\’s any), presence of locals within the vicinity so you know where to ask for help in case of emergencies. You also need to have a copy of the map to ensure your safety and to avoid getting lost.-Make sure that you know your strengths and opportunities before embarking on a climb. If you are a beginner then you should join minor climbs or local  good hiking tours that can last only for one day without the need to exert too much physical effort upon reaching the summit and back to base camp. 

-Before thinking of advancing to the next level or joining major climbs you have to make sure that you are physically fit and well conditioned. Some climbers train on a daily basis by repeatedly going up and down the stairs carrying a heavy backpack to boost their stamina and strengthen their leg and calf muscles.You need to gain more experience and exposure to different kinds of trials by joining 3 day guided hiking tours blue mountains. Just be patient and make sure to persevere if you want to advance and move on to joining major climbs.


pretty understandable why hikers opt to join major climbs because aside from the adrenaline rush upon reaching the summit the views are also more breathtaking. When the climb becomes more difficult, the view also gets better.-Before embarking on you climb make sure that you have prepared all the things that you will be needing for the hike. If you are planning on hiking for a couple of days you would need to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, extra light weight clothes, cooking gear,garbage bags, utensils and of course enough food and water. You can also check first if there are sources of drinking water in the mountain or near the campsite so you can carry a lesser amount of load. -Always travel in groups because there\’s safety in numbers. Also it is important to go hiking with experienced people to lessen the risks of accidents. They know what to do in case something goes wrong in the middle of your camping trip.