If you want to advertise rental property successfully and gain a reputation as a good landlord or agent it is essential that you do your homework and have the property in good order for your future tenants. One of the greatest responsibilities you have as a landlord is to ensure that the property you are renting is safe to inhabit. There are many things to check for and to take into consideration. Study the property and its surrounds and look to see if there is any mould growing on or in the walls, mould is a serious health hazard in humans and you don’t want that kind of karma on your hands. Make sure that the property is structurally sound, if you see things that don’t look right call in an expert and get them to check out the site. If you want to increase the value of rental properties it’s always a good idea to have the gardens maintained by a professional gardener and pool cleaning as well. There are a lot of tenants that will not take care of these things properly and in the end that will cost you money rather than drawing you an income. 

Sometimes I am asked to list rental properties for free and that’s fine by me but I would never advertise a rental property that is in a deteriorated or dilapidated condition and I only ever list rental properties for free when I know they are maintained by experts or companies that I trust or who come with good references with regards to the maintenance and upkeep of their properties.

Real Estate is a hard game to play in and it is a very competitive industry so to have the winning edge and be able to advertise the best properties on the market, you need to keep on top of your game by ensuring not only that your landlords are happy but that you also house tenants that you know will look after the properties you release to them. When all is said and done it’s a great feeling to know, that when you do your job right and you feel your properties tick all the right boxes that, at the end of the day what you have really achieved is not only the matrix of your role as a real estate agent or landlord but you have also played a pivotal role in the lives of others because you have provided people and families with safe environments to live in and to share their lives with each other in and that in itself is rewarding. People may say that it’s a dog eat dog world out there but I find that it’s all about what you put in and the way you see your vocation that makes the difference, I know I make a difference and that brings me great peace and great job satisfaction as well.